Independent Bank Brings “Personal” back to Personal Banking


William Penn, an early champion of democracy and religious freedom once said, “Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.” When the leadership at Singing Oaks Church of Christ in Denton came to an impasse it was an act of patience and diligence that ultimately led them to Independent Bank.

More than seven years ago, the church elders agreed the best interest of the community could be served by purchasing a 66 acre tract just north of their Congregation Center. After many attempts and complications stemming from shared-ownership (of the land) they could not reach an agreement. For many years afterward the property sat vacant and unused.

Serving those in needSingingOaksAd_July2014_v9
Singing Oaks Church of Christ continued to serve the community. Where there were people in need you would often find their congregation members offering a helping hand. Their food shelter and sponsorship of a “Haircuts for the Homeless” program are two of the many positive programs church members organize to improve the lives of others.

Meanwhile, the idea to use those 66 acres for the greater good never faded. Seven years later elders Steve Speck and Jerry Browder of Singing Oaks Church of Christ entered Independent Bank for the first time. The persistence of another elder, Jerry Cheatham, and realtor, Barbara Russell, had resulted in uniting the current owners of the 66 acres, and now they needed to find an organization that would finance the deal.

How did we meet?
Steve and Jerry along with Singing Oaks’ other elders assembled a list of banks, and met with a number of them before talking with Independent Bank. Nothing clicked. Then they met with B.J. Donalson, AVP Commercial Lending and Dan Brooks, Executive Chairman at Independent Bank and immediately sensed their willingness to help. Working with Independent Bank was very different. The committee culture they encountered in previous meetings, at previous banks was non-existent.

B.J. and Dan were very personable and accommodating, but more importantly they were direct and addressed every concern, every question – right on the spot. Independent Bank was pleased to get involved. They helped Singing Oaks Church of Christ acquire financing for the land under very favorable terms. The bankers were proud to support Singing Oaks work within the community.

We’ve grown together
Since financing the loan, Singing Oaks Church of Christ has moved all their banking needs to Independent Bank. The church administrators and personnel really appreciate working with a local community bank. The difference is remarkable.  “It sounds like a cliché,” remarks Steve “but when you walk into the bank everybody knows your name. It’s just like the famous TV show Cheers!”

“I am old enough to remember when personal banking was personal.  Independent Bank has brought that back into play.”

~ Steve Speck , Elder
Singing Oaks Church of Christ

Now, the banking relationship couldn’t be stronger. B.J. and Courtney Williams, Treasury Management Sales and Support Specialist recently updated Singing Oaks Church of Christ with Remote Deposit Capture – a feature church leaders never considered before. The church is also expanding their use of online banking and currently in discussions with TransFirst regarding the addition of a merchant services account. “Things couldn’t be better. Everybody at Independent Bank has been very responsive”, said Steve.

The elders of Singing Oaks Church of Christ know the virtue of patience. Through it they discovered a financial partner that shares their vision and passion to help the community. Steve mentioned he has been meaning to send Dan Brooks a note saying they’re all very impressed with the quality of people working at Independent Bank.

The message has been received.  Thank you, Steve.


Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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Stay Informed, Get Connected, Independent Bank Social Media

Independent Bank would like to thank all of you who are a part of our five social media outlets. We’ve established a true community that we are honored to reach out to every day.

Whether you have liked our status, retweeted us, viewed our videos, read our blogs or thought about doing any of the above, we thank you and hope you will enjoy what is yet to come.

If you’re new to Independent Bank or its social media pages here is what to expect:


On our Facebook page, you’ll get fun, not boring.

Engage with us, stay informed on branch/community events and products, participate in trivia and even win through contests.

You can expect to see everything from award announcements to chicken-fried steak pictures from one day to the next. :)


On our Twitter page, we’ll keep you up to date.

Jump into the ever-evolving world of Twitter. Keep abreast of pertinent news and get real time updates of what’s going on the world around you.

You can expect to see everything from important causes to news to inspirational quotes.



On our LinkedIn page, make sure to bring your briefcase. :)

Learn about featured career opportunities, products and services, and notable news/accomplishments.

You can expect to connect with us, business by business, person by person.


On our YouTube channel, you’ll find a visual snapshot of our bank.

Sit back and enjoy professionally produced videos that describe products, our values and what we do best.

You can expect more to come on our YouTube Channel.


  • Since you’re reading our blog right now, there’s no need to describe what it looks like, but we hope you enjoy the testimonials about our partnerships with businesses around the communities we serve.
  • Look for in depth coverage of our products, like Text Banking, Finance360 and the iPhone® and Android™ app.
  • You can expect more stories about the many ways we are involved in the communities we serve, such as the story about how Independent Bank helped a church restore a historic home, or tips from realtors to help potential buyers/sellers.

McDonald’s once said that the head of its social media is the customer. We subscribe to a similar theory. Our main social media tenants are to create, inform, connect, promote and grow. Since Independent Bank considers customers to be its greatest asset, we truly value the “connect” tenant. We want to hear your voice.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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Building Strong Relationships Based on a Two-Way Street

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

For certain professions, quality isn’t negotiable. When it comes to providing neighborhood lighting, visible stop signs and sturdy mailboxes, quality is required. Brandon Industries stresses importance of maintaining a system of quality at all levels. With each and every light or sign it produces, each employee it hires and each partner it does business with, quality is a priority.

BrandonIndustries_Ad_March2014When Brandon Industries sought a bank that would provide them with a quality hassle-free business relationship it turned to Independent Bank. Both organizations subscribe to the philosopher Aristotle’s belief that quality is not an act, but a habit. This mutual philosophy helped Brandon Hall, President of Brandon Industries, forge a lasting relationship with Independent Bank’s Robert Camp.

“Having full confidence in Robert and the Independent Bank team gives us peace of mind,” Brandon said.

Independent Bank helped Brandon to expand his business and keep moving forward. He said experience with other banks was not always so easy and that inefficient practices tended to “bog down” his business.

Robert was able to answer all the questions Brandon asked, and even some of the questions he didn’t ask. Years of experience allowed Robert to make the lending process as easy and pain-free as possible. However, the relationship doesn’t end after Brandon conducts a transaction with Independent Bank. Robert makes himself available to Brandon and serves as a trusted resource in discussing ways to move his business forward.

Brandon said his experience with Robert is similar to all the dealings he’s had with everyone at Independent Bank. He appreciates that everyone is personable, but also that they’re hard workers who produce results whenever he’s ready to get down to business.

“Independent Bank has an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff with a small town bank feel,” Brandon said. “Independent Bank, however, has big bank capabilities giving their customers the best of both worlds.”

Quality may be a habit, but it also takes many forms. Independent Bank is committed to providing quality to Brandon Industries and to all its clients. With a commitment to doing it right the first time and expecting the highest standard of ethics and integrity, quality will remain at the forefront of the bank’s priorities.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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It Starts With a Handshake

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

When Independent Bank formed, it started with a handshake. Today, every relationship with Independent Bank still begins with a handshake.

HandshakeA handshake represents integrity and staying true to one’s values. Independent Bank is a growing bank, but it will always stay true to the values outlined in its mission statement. More than that, it lives by them.

Independent Bank is a bank of Personal Service. A bank of Modern Convenience. And a bank of Community Involvement.

As the bank grows it will continue to offer customers the latest technology such as Mobile Bill Pay capabilities and smart phone apps, but relationships with customers will always start with a handshake. If customers want a name and a face to talk to about the technologies the bank offers, they’ll get what they’re looking for.

At its core, Independent Bank’s strength lies in its employees and the relationships they form with customers. Each employee recognizes these relationships are the strength of the bank and they take ownership in the fact that this is the “Independent Bank Way.” Customers have direct access to officers and personnel and can expect timely decisions. In turn, employees are energized by relationships that can’t be quantified.

Going further, employees take ownership in Independent Bank’s pledge to be involved in the community by donating their time and energy in and outside of working at the bank.

Every relationship is only as good as what is put into it. With this in mind, Independent Bank’s customers are its biggest asset and it takes pride in investing in them. It starts with a handshake, continues with hard work and lasts with a commitment to you.

To foster these relationships, creating an environment where employees and customers feel appreciated on a daily basis will remain an essential part of how Independent Bank operates.

It starts with a handshake. It starts with Independent Bank.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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Growing Together by Connecting in Business & the Community

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

A business relationship, like any relationship, is heightened when commitment is clear. Jim and Russ Boles of Summit Commercial Industrial Properties keep coming back to Independent Bank’s Michael Doss for their lending needs because he treats their business just like he treats his community.

In adCommImpactRR_Dec2013_HalfPage_10x6.1.3dition to serving as Summit’s lender, Michael serves with the father and son commercial real estate team on numerous community boards and civic projects around Round Rock. Michael’s connection to Summit Commercial is strengthened because of his shared service with Summit to the community they love. Due to this connection, Jim and Russ refer their clients to Michael and are always pleased to learn they receive the same great service.

“In business and in life my top priority is to deal with good people,” Jim Boles, Summit Commercial owner said. “Michael cares for our business, but more importantly he cares for my clients and our community. He’s responsive to all of our needs and that means a lot.”

Michael’s responsive nature played a key role at the start of his working relationship with Jim. Summit Commercial searched for a loan to purchase a building and needed a quick response. Jim said Michael provided both and that he also provided them with very competitive loan rates.

Likewise, Jim has developed a reputation of being responsive whenever his clients need him. That reputation has helped Jim build his commercial real estate business throughout Williamson and Travis counties over the last 30 years.

More than a broker, Jim said Summit Commercial regularly goes beyond the norm to help his clients with entitling their properties and with other services normally associated with a real estate brokers. Jim believes in utilizing modern technology to help increase responsiveness, but he also said “a little elbow grease” is essential.

As Summit Commercial has grown, the role of business partners that share similar values and work ethic has proved to be a vital part of its operation. He appreciates how easy it is to talk to Michael.

“I wouldn’t trust something as important as our real estate loans to just anyone,” Jim said. “But Michael isn’t just anyone. He knows what we need before we even have to ask.”

Jim said Summit Commercial will continue to use Michael and Independent Bank in the future and that he looks forward to continuing their relationship on all levels.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank OnMemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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Faith Reinforced with Experience and Understanding

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Faith has many definitions. It can be defined as allegiance to duty/person, a belief and trust in and loyalty to God, or a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Crosspoint Church Pastor Mark Turman and his staff believe in Independent Bank. A belief that is supported by years of a solid, committed bond.

Crosspoint-Church-WEBPastor Turman said Greg Steglich and the rest of the Independent Bank staff are people his church knows, trusts and can count on. Never considered a “blind faith”, the faith Crosspoint puts in Independent Bank is a strong faith rooted in a clear and transparent relationship.
Crosspoint’s relationship with Independent Bank extends back nearly two decades to when the church formed in 1996. Since then, the church has undergone three major expansion projects and land acquisitions. Through the construction of a multipurpose building in 1999-2000, the addition of temporary space in 2006 and a children’s building in 2010, the church has stood by Independent Bank and the bank has stood by the church.

The church endured two major economic downturns in 2001 and 2009 that each coincided with downturns in the national economy. During these times, Pastor Turman said Independent Bank helped the church weather its financial declines by finding creative and effective cash flow solutions such as restructuring long term loans. He said that the bank understands the “unique needs” of a church.

“The finances of a church in both the short and long term are the work of a significantly large group of people,” Pastor Turman said. “Generally speaking, church members view the collective finances of a church as needing to be more conservative and cautious than a business owner. Independent Bank understands this well and guided us through many discussions involving many decision makers to help us plot our course.”

Pastor Turman said there is a direct connection between faith and how finances are handled personally and as a congregation. He said it’s vital for every pastor to develop a strong mind for finances and that his congregation’s philosophy about finances is biblically based.

“Our goal personally and corporately is to steward all the resources that God places in our trust in a way that maximizes their effectiveness for Godly purposes,” Pastor Turman said. “God places resources in our hands as great opportunities of eternal usefulness.”

Describing his financial mind as “average at best but improving,” Pastor Turman said Independent Bank has been a great help to him and his staff in learning more about finances. He said the leaders and staff at Independent Bank have given the church staff great assistance in understanding the unique nature of church ministry financing and how best to combine the wise application of faith and a conservative strategy to the church’s ministry.

Pastor Turman believes his relationship with Greg Steglich and Independent Bank will continue to deepen.

“Our vision is to expand our expressions of God’s love and message in McKinney and beyond,” Pastor Turman said. “We are confident that Greg and the Independent Bank team will be standing with us as we pursue the work God has for us.”

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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Finding the Simple Ingredients to a Lasting Relationship

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

He started with one goal in mind. Don’t be like the others, be better. He wanted to build a store that he would go to. A health and nutritional store that stressed details at every level. From product ingredients  to customer care, Mike Sammons understands details matter.

Since opening Mike’s Health Collection in McKinney 18 years ago, Mike has stayed true to his goal of stressing the details and keeping a high standard. Caring about customers is not an obligation for Mike. It’s his passion. He understands that customers depend on him and he enjoys finding the right products to keep them healthy. Mike was disappointed that he wasn’t getting the same type of careful, responsive service at the big bank he did business with. He desired something different. He turned to Independent Bank and Jeanne Barnett.

Mike desired a relationship with a banker who would AllenMagazine_7.25x4.75_JeanneBarnettMikesHealthAd_April2013serve as a partner in his business and would care about it as much as he did.

“Jeanne Barnett is the reason I opened my account with Independent Bank,” Mike said. “Her advice and service has been very beneficial to me.”

Jeanne’s relationship with Mike is not dependent on a single loan or business dealing. Mike knows he can call Jeanne at any time to tap into her knowledge of banking and what works for businesses. The result of the relationship is healthy business with many healthy customers. Loyal to Mike’s Health Collection, customers have flooded sites like Google Plus with positive feedback of the service they receive from Mike and his staff. An anonymous customer said the following.

“You think you are walking into a store but what you find is a collection of friends who listen, who know what to offer and who can suggest what might be useful,” Mike’s customer said. “When my husband had cancer, we certainly did the traditional treatments, but it was the support and love, not to mention the supplements of Mike’s Health Collection that made the difference.”

With such loyal and thoughtful customers it’s no wonder why Mike’s store is his passion.

“I go to work every day with a smile on my face because I get to make people happy and keep them healthy,” Mike said. “They’re more than customers. They are my friends and I am truly appreciative of the relationships I’ve formed through the store.”

Mike doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon and Jeanne looks forward to being there to help meet the needs of his business whenever he needs her.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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More than a Job, Independent Bank Provides Lasting Benefits

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

She felt it coming. The soreness, the chills, the scratchy feeling in the back of her throat. There was no denying it. Stephanie, Senior Lending Assistant, was sick, it was a holiday and she did not want to miss work the next day. She called Independent Bank’s Consult-A-Doctor service, which promptly called an open pharmacy with the prescription she needed.

Top 100 LogoAs a Top Workplace recipient by numerous publications, Independent Bank looks to go beyond “the norm” when offering benefits to employees. It works to provide services that enhance employees’ mind, body and spirit.

A Beneficial Relationship:

Independent Bank employees are active, logging in over 7,000 hours of community service annually through the bank’s IB Give’s Back program. They’re also healthy, as the bank offers programs that nurture employees’ total health. Independent Bank understands that healthy employees are more productive at work, at home and in their community.

IB Cares Wellness Program

BrandiEducation - Independent Bank’s comprehensive wellness program, IB Cares, provides nutritional advice, heath challenges and a point system for healthy choices that goes towards discounts on insurance costs.

Incentive - To encourage healthy activity, Independent Bank introduced a $200 health club subsidy this year for employees who are members of a gym/health club.

Accomplishment - Employees embraced the bank’s healthy culture and their stories have been featured in an employee newsletter to inspire others. Achievements include marathons, weight loss and a home gym built to combine working out and family time. In 2013, the bank earned Gold Achievement status from the American Heart Association for being a “Fit-Friendly Worksite,” And was named one of the Healthiest Employers in North and Central Texas by the Dallas and Austin Business Journals.

Assistance Programs

Assistance ProgramsConsult-A-Doctor  – Offering 24/7 access to physicians online and by phone, the service gives employees direct access to a doctor with no copay. Independent Bank employees saved a total of $26,876 by using Consult a Doctor in 2012!

Compass Professional Health Services – Saving money on medical tests, procedures or doctor visits, Compass earned employees and the company a total claim cost savings of $58,331 in 2012!

Marketplace Chaplains USA Making weekly visits to employees, Marketplace Chaplains’ employee assistance and chaplain services are always on call when employees need counseling or help.

Employee Appreciation

Employee AppreciationRecognition - Each year, Independent Bank holds employee appreciation events to honor the hard work of its employees.

Involvement - Considering the growth of the bank, seven employee appreciation events took place this year across all the bank’s regions. A representative committee from each of the regions selected, planned and managed each event, be it banquet or family day event.

Rewards - The only requirement for these events involved employees being awarded for their years of service in increments of five years. The size of these awards varied all the way up to Peggy Partridge, Whitewright Location President, who was honored for 55 years of service!

Long-Term Success

Independent Bank recently earned the Raymond James Community Bankers Cup for the second straight year (FY 2013 results). In 2013, Independent Bank was listed among the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies; the Top 100 Best-Performing U.S. Banks with assets between $500 million and $5 billion by SNL Financial (FY 2012 results); and earned the Raymond James Community Bankers Cup (FY 2012 results). It was also listed among the Top 150 Dallas/Fort Worth Public Companies by the Dallas Morning News (FY 2012 results) and The Dallas Business Journal ranked Independent Bank as having the highest increase in deposit growth from 2012 to 2013 among the Top 20 banks in Dallas. Additionally, the bank took home Texas IOLTA Prime Partner honors for the fifth consecutive year by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation for helping low-income Texans; a Top Lending Partner by Capital CDC for Small Business Jobs Act performance; awards for community service, marketing and architecture by the Independent Bankers Association of Texas; and numerous “Best Bank,” “Best Financial Services” and “Best Mortgage Company” by various publications.

Accolades aside, David Brooks, Independent Bank Group Chairman and CEO, knows the secret to success lies in the bank’s employees.

“At its core, Independent Bank’s strength lies in our employees and the relationships they form with customers,” Brooks said. “To foster these relationships, creating an environment where employees feel appreciated on a daily basis, will remain an essential part of what we do.”

Click here for Independent Bank’s Careers page.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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Less Stress, More Answers and Smooth Solutions

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Development 2000 takes pride in offering “turn-key” service at every phase of development, from designing and building to property management. Knowing life is stressful, the company works to provide made-to-order service that is free of all hassle or worry. With this principle in mind, it sought a bank that would abide by their golden rule and eliminate any stress associated with obtaining a loan. They found Independent Bank and Chris Logue, President-Georgetown.

Commercial Construction BankLogue doesn’t work in a care-free way by any means, but that’s by design. Working diligently behind the scenes, Logue’s detailed work in preparing loans transforms into an effortless process when he’s presenting the details of the loan to clients like Development 2000. A style that is very apparent to John Bundy, Vice President of Development 2000.

“The ease of transactions for our commercial construction loans with Independent Bank was perfect,” Bundy said. “Chris is a total professional whenever we work with him and it’s nice to know we have someone like that on our side.”

The seamless nature of working with Logue continues even when he’s working on multiple projects. Logue obtained financing for Development 2000 on a 70,000 square foot logistics facility and a 13,000 square foot medical clinic around the same time period.

“Our commercial construction and permanent loans have allowed us to grow our existing commercial real estate portfolio significantly,” Bundy said. “With Logue we’re able to continue our growth without a hitch because the process is so simple.”

As business grows, Development 2000 relies on staying organized and looking beyond the short term. Responsible for a long-range real estate management strategy, the firm doesn’t settle for “today” or “tomorrow” decisions, it works to form decisions that last.

Writer Jennifer Yane once said, “I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.” Life can be stressful, especially when you are trying to balance today’s tasks with tomorrows. Bundy and Development 2000 work to achieve this balance by considering both short and long term objectives with clients. Chris Logue employed a similar strategy with Bundy and his colleagues throughout their loan process. The result – successful loans with less stress.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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Independent Bank is ‘On Air’ with Community Impact

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Independent Bank’s presence on the radio is conditional. Not conditional in terms of contract length or list of privileges, but in that Independent Bank will only advertise on the radio if it’s coupled with a community sponsorship opportunity. Consistent with its Mission Statement, Independent Bank currently has a radio presence in three regions and has a community presence in each one, as it works to support projects of impact in each community it serves.

Radio Advertising Goals:

  1. Analyze - Evaluate opportunities of greatest need and select worthy radio partners
  2. Contribute - Listen to community impact ideas and provide the bank’s expertise
  3. Collaborate - Seek out other partners who can enhance effective community support
  4. Support - Give effectively and sponsor organizations that work efficiently
  5. Act - Live by Benjamin Franklin’s motto of “Well done is better than well said”

Active support of the communities Independent Bank serves is a direct pledge from its mission statement. With the three radio sponsorships below, Independent Bank is able to support education, limited income families and the military across three key regions it serves:

97.5 FM KLAK
Teacher of the Month/Year

97.5 KLAKEvery month, Independent Bank partners with El Dorado Chevrolet in McKinney to support and recognize area teachers who make a difference. These teachers are nominated by a principal, a student or a fellow teacher, and are selected by a committee from Independent Bank and El Dorado Chevrolet. The winning teacher gets a $250 check from Independent Bank, a $250 check from El Dorado, a plaque presented on air during the 97.5 FM KLAK morning show and earns a chance to win Teacher of the Year for an additional $500.

Hot 107.3 FM
Coats for Kids & Fan Drive

Hot 107.3 FMIn November, Independent Bank’s Sherman and Denison locations served as a community collection site for people to donate coats for local kids to use in the winter as part of the Hot 107.3 FM’s Coats for Kids campaign. The campaign was advertised on the radio in lieu of product-heavy spots. In June, Independent Bank sponsored Hot 107.3 FM’s Fan Drive involving the distribution of box fans collected from listeners and businesses for senior citizens, disabled and limited income families who might be having trouble paying summer electric bills. These fans were distributed via Meals on Wheels.

ESPN Austin 104.9 FM The Horn
The Real Heroes

104.9 FM The HornIndependent Bank is proud to sponsor The Horn’s Real Heroes segment during radio broadcasts of Texas Longhorn games. The regular segment features a story about the sacrifice of an active serviceman or veteran. The intent is to turn the focus away from actors, reality stars and athletes and towards the “real heroes.” Independent Bank is proud to support these brave men and women, honoring them as the reason for our freedom.  

Ready to Act:

Independent Bank is grateful for its current radio partnerships in the community and will continue to support similar causes. The bank works to be on the front lines of community support by going beyond mere donations to be actively involved in decision making or help through direct service.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011


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