Community Banking Sparks Small Business Growth

Small business is a tremendously important component of the American economy. According to the Small Business Association – Office of Advocacy, businesses with less than 500 employees have generated roughly 65% of our new jobs since 1993. In fact, they account for 42.9% of the private-sector payroll. Clearly we are not a country of corporations, but of individuals and innovators. At Independent Bank it is our primary goal to provide entrepreneurs with the financial resources they need to succeed.

Among the 77 million people in the United States that make up the small business workforce, is a very special Independent Bank customer in Lewisville; the CEO of Buck Properties, Alex Buck. Buck Properties owns and manages light commercial properties, office warehouses and the work spaces utilized by repair shops, custom fabricators, distributors, contractors, and retail tradesmen.

With quality facilities in great locations at the heart of their operation, Alex and his staff are proud to take a hands-on approach. Alex’s father Carl Buck is the CFO, making Buck Properties a true family business. Buck Properties markets, negotiates leases and actively manages all their properties. As with much of north central Texas, the Lewisville area continues to evolve and develop, fueling more demand for finished space. In response, Buck Properties growth plan includes both the acquisition of existing buildings, as well as new construction.

According to the SBA Office of Advocacy, 44% of small businesses own, rent, or lease space. Buck Properties serves this market. We, as consumers, rely upon this relationship for access to the businesses that keep our lives on track, our homes looking great, and our unique interests served. Big business also relies on clients of Buck Properties for many vital products and services; from sign shops and office equipment repairs, to landscaping and HVAC service.

The Impact of a Community Bank

Community banks play a critical role in keeping their local economies vibrant and growing. We often respond with greater agility to lending requests than national competitors because of our detailed knowledge of the needs of our customers and close ties to the communities we serve. This helps foster the economy by allowing businesses to buy new equipment, add workers, or sign contracts for increased trade or services.
dartraillewisvilleAlthough Independent Bank provides a wide range of services, our primary activity is to fund longer-term investments, such as small business, agricultural, or commercial real estate loans. We know our customers, and likewise, our customers know us – which fosters loyalty. It also allows Independent Bank to go beyond the standardized credit models used by larger banks to consider a range of factors when making credit decisions.

Partnering with Buck Properties

Gary Lewis (Area President – Highland Village) became familiar with Alex Buck through years of attending Lewisville area business events. Gary maintained ties until an opportunity arose to form a formal banking relationship in 2012. Buck Properties had expressed interest in reorganizing their debt structure and was actively shopping commercial loans.

Our initial work together involved a large refinance of a commercial property. According to Alex, “Independent Bank was an attractive option because of their larger capital limits.” At first the banking relationship was quite traditional, with limited scope.

After experiencing Independent Bank’s unusually high level of personal service, the ability to provide a full-suite of banking services became a very attractive option. Since the initial loan (two and a half years ago) Buck Properties migrated 100% of their day-to-day and transactional banking to Independent Bank – checking, savings, online, everything. When Independent Bank added a specialized wealth management division in 2014, Alex moved his financial planning and investment management services to IBG Financial Advisors.

What Customers Say Really Matters

Buck Properties is a premier account in the Lewisville area. We truly value their business and the experiences they have interacting with our staff. Here is a bit of the feedback we recently received from Alex Buck.

  • Gary Lewis is quick and responsive
  • Service at the branch is terrific
  • The staff care about my business
  • Business loans are easily understood and match our goal

Community Comes First

office_warehouse1Alex Buck and his family also take a personal interest in helping others. Alex is a board member at the Medical Center of Lewisville, a Lifetime Member of Lewisville Independent School District Education Foundation Board, and he is an 18 year Rotarian. In fact, Alex was recognized as Citizen of the Year by the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce in 2012. He is a graduate of Lewisville High School, a proud father of three and husband of one. Buck Properties supports many non-profits and charitable causes throughout the Lewisville area, valuing the importance of actively supporting the community.

Independent Bank takes great pride in providing capital and guidance, enabling small businesses to become viable, vibrant organizations, employing and serving people in the community. As a company evolves Independent Bank has a scalable set of banking products and professional services to help organizations handle their finances more efficiently and focus their efforts on what matters most – providing exceptional products and services. By building relationships and learning about your business we can discover new opportunities together.

Let us Lend Our Expertise!

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Local Decisions Offer Clear Advantages

Established Round Rock Glass Company Relies on Independent Bank

Commercial and residential glass experts Anchor-Ventana Glass have been serving the Austin region since 1977. This family owned, family managed company is experienced in all types of glass applications. They boast the largest, most innovative showroom in Central Texas and have a reputation for their unique ability to bring the design-build concept into each project.

The Anchor-Ventana Glass showroom is the largest in central Texas.

The Anchor-Ventana Glass showroom is the largest in central Texas.

After nearly 40 years, President and Owner Felix Munson understands offering great products through a talented team of installers is important. However maintaining strong, long-term relationships has been their key to success.

A Competitive Edge

Relationship driven banking is also key to the personal bankers at Independent Bank. With an established client lenders don’t need to reinvent the wheel during a new product or service inquiry. Gathering documentation and repetitively vetting an organization can be a time consuming, lengthy process. This process may be dramatically streamlined depending upon the relationship.

Not being “too big” has its advantages as well. Community banks similar in size to Independent Bank typically fund projects for small and medium-sized organizations. Larger national chains often attempt to steer smaller clients towards generic, pre-packaged financial products that are not always well-suited to their project.

Independent Banking SolutionsAnchorVentana_12092014Banner_770x329

Williamson County Area President Michael Doss is a valued business resource for Felix Munson. Anchor-Ventana Glass has been a client for approximately 18 months, and the two men regularly discuss the financial challenges and issues faced by small businesses.

So far Independent Bank has been able to implement cash management tools, and other banking products and services to help simplify and increase control over incoming funds and account balances.

By providing a working capital line of credit, Independent Bank has helped Anchor-Ventana Glass expand into new markets and offer a wider range of products than ever before.

Maintaining strong ties within the community, networking and knowing how people and businesses fit together is a big part of community banking. Michael Doss works hard to help his client’s business grow and thrive, and for Anchor-Ventana Glass he has tried to help them grow by referring the company to contractors and new construction projects in the market whenever possible.

Deeper Decision Making

Plato once mused, “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.”

Independent Bank has strong ties to businesses throughout Williamson County

Independent Bank has strong ties to businesses throughout Williamson County

Throughout the lending industry, financial data typically forms the bedrock of any decision. At Independent Bank our first course of action is getting to know the people behind the business. We want to understand the intangibles as well as the sales projections.

In addition, decisions are made at a local level, by people from your community that fully understand the local economy.

 The Business Bank

Independent Bank provides fiscal strength and flexibility to your business with:

  • Quick responses to market and economic changes
  • Tailored financial products
  • Time saving cash management tools
  • Deep, local decision making

Anchor-Ventana Glass and Independent Bank are proud to be helping businesses throughout the Greater Austin area. We are proud to have Felix Munson as a client and we know Anchor-Ventana Glass customers are happy to have a premier glass company within their reach.

We look forward to growing together and serving communities across Texas for many years to come.

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Shaping our Urban Landscape

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” –
Anne Frank

Long before we ever set foot upon their work, G & A Consultants was busy reshaping land into functional, appealing outdoor space. As a premier civil engineering, planning, land surveying, and landscape architecture firm; G & A Consultants contributes expertise to school and public projects; commercial, medical, senior living, residential, church, and hydrology projects.

The G & A Consultants company motto, “Integrity-Based Relationships, bringing together Community and Site Development” clearly distills an organization with a mission. For nearly eight years, Independent Bank has been proud to be one of G & A Consultants’ valued financial partners.

Experts in their Field

G & A Consultants President R. Von Beougher, P.E., the principal engineer, has assembled a staff dedicated to providing quality professional services and personal attention to each project, with client involvement in every major phase. The staff is comprised of Professional Civil Engineers, Registered Landscape Architects, a Certified Land Planner, Registered Professional Land Surveyors, 3 Landscape Architectural Interns, a Registered Irrigation Designer, multiple Engineers-In-Training, a Surveyor-In-Training, skilled CAD Technicians and a proficient office staff.

URiverwalk1nderstanding society’s impact on our land is at the core of every project, and G & A Consultants strives to design projects that enhance the natural surroundings. One recent project requiring the collaborative efforts of the G & A Consultants team was the design of The RiverWalk in Flower Mound, TX. The RiverWalk is a mixed-use development that integrates commercial, office, retail, dining, medical, civic and residential uses in a variety of building types. With 46.5 acres of parks and open spaces in or adjacent to the property, The RiverWalk was quite a design and planning challenge.

G & A Consultants uses an extensive range of planning services specific to each project – from early conceptual stages to final design. Working closely with clients and municipal staff members in order to make the vision a reality, G & A Consultants focuses heavily on the review process to expedite municipal approvals.

G&AConsultants_FlashBanner_770x329Community Banks: A Financial Cornerstone 

The foundation of every community begins with support from a local bank. We are part of the infrastructure. Supplying well-matched financial products requires the insight of a banker familiar with your business. Long-time Commercial Banker Gary Lewis regularly checks-in with G & A Consultants to make sure their current needs and cash management challenges are met; and to explore potential expansion plans or solutions to operational changes.

Independent Bank has supported the financial goals of G & A Consultants by supplying working capital and building loans. This requires careful planning to integrate properly and smoothly. “Everyone recognizes me when I walk in,” says Von. “The level of service at Independent Bank always exceeds my expectations, and Gary has a genuine interest in our success!”

As a well-known and active person in the Lewisville area, the projects G & A Consultants help develop touch people of all ages. Thanks to G & A Consultants, neighborhoods and retail districts from Lewisville to Roanoke; where we work, live, shop and spend family-time, deliver a pleasant aesthetic and allow people to freely and efficiently take care of their needs.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.


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Independent Bank Embraces Access Dental Management Expansion Plans


At Independent Bank we pride ourselves on the personal service and the strength of our local bankers. At a time when financial services can be viewed as a commodity, when every bank is trying to be different to gain market share, Independent Bank holds steadfast to our core values. Safety and soundness form the basis for our decisions.

“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.”
~ Ralph Marston, Texan & Motivator

We take Mr. Marston’s words to heart and are particularly proud of the work we’ve done to partner with Access Dental Management throughout Texas.

Providing Capital to Expand: In early 2013 Feroz “Nick” Noorani, Vice President – Commercial Banking met Dr. Tien D. Phan, founder of Access Dental Management. The two began talking, taking an occasional lunch and exploring the potential for new business. Access Dental Management owns 19 clinics with a revenue source roughly 65% Medicare, 30% private insurance and 5% cash. Additionally, Dr. Phan is active in investment real estate. It became clear to Nick working with Dr. Phan would require a sharp banker.

Nick had to learn more before he could make any recommendations. He discovered Access Dental Management is an important part of the community: providing quality dental care to low-to-middle income families. Their innovative business model includes the strategic acquisition of existing practices and the start-up of practices representing 85% of current locations. They hire young new dentists or recruit and train new graduate dental students from UT Southwestern and other dental colleges. Each doctor is then placed under a management contract to run a dental practice location.

AccessDental_FlashBanner_770x329As the business grew Michael Ly, CFO of Access Dental Management was brought on board to manage ownership’s personal and business financials, their affiliated entities and to consult on future investments. Nick Noorani and Michael have worked closely; sharing critical business information and structuring capital needs to meet the organizations growth objectives.

By fall of 2013 Nick and Michael Ly had a loan proposal on the table and it was finalized before the year-end. The additional capital allowed Access Dental Management to make a significant investment in a medical building, which subsequently generated significant rental income. Access Dental Management has also decided to slowly migrate some of their existing bank business to Independent Bank. We have become a valuable financial resource.

Commercial Loans: Access Dental Management is just one of the many companies Independent Bank works with every year to help meet their business objectives. We offer flexible financing for new construction lending and expansions, secured loans for development and improvements, as well as unsecured loans for real estate developers or investors.

Benefits of our programs include:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick approval
  • Quick and easy “closing” process
  • Proven track record of financing commercial real estate throughout North Texas
  • Experts to walk you through the process

At Independent Bank we do not sell pre-packaged financial solutions. We understand loan requests from entrepreneurs are often accompanied by unique financials. Our commercial loans are driven by the level of familiarity we develop with your organization and reviewed on their individual merit.

Commercial Banker Nick Noorani recognized the opportunity with Access Dental Management and Dr. Phan. His expertise reconciling their complex revenue streams and varied business interests enabled Access Dental Management to maximize their borrowing power. In turn, the capital provided by Independent Bank has kept Access Dental Management’s expansion plans on schedule and they continue providing dental services to deserving families throughout Texas.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_20111-300x22

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Staying Proactive, as Your Security is Our Security

In the age of mobile apps, text banking and instant accessibility, Independent Bank is proud to offer modern convenience to customers. Increasing speed and ease of access is significant to the bank. However, protecting your financial security will always be Independent Bank’s first priority.

Before each new piece of banking technology is rolled out, it is tested, and tested and tested again. A service will not be available to customers unless it fully complies with Independent Bank’s high standards for financial security. New threats arise every day, but you can trust that Independent Bank is working constantly to get ahead of these attacks before they happen.

Trusteer Rapport

Most of Independent Bank’s security features are actively working without customers ever knowing they exist. Trusteer Rapport, however, Independent Bank’s latest fraud prevention tool, is a free service that is out in front and available for download through Independent Bank’s Online Banking today.

Trusteer_blogimage1What it Does Trusteer, an IBM company, is a trusted provider of security software. Trusteer Rapport is an innovative anti-malware system that utilizes a layered security approach to provide a valuable extra layer of protection to the secure list of online products Independent Bank offers.

How it Works Working with your computer’s antivirus software, Trusteer Rapport stops threats established security solutions can’t protect you from. Fraud Detection/Notification, Credential & Personal Information Theft Protection, Phishing Prevention & Payment Card Data Protection, Man-in-the-Middle/Man-in-the-Browser Security, and Malware Prevention and Removal are all featured protection tools provided in the free download of Trusteer Rapport.

What You Do To install Trusteer Rapport on your computer, after logging into Independent Bank’s Online Banking services, simply press the “Download Now” button through the Trusteer screen. The download is quick and the software is secure, compatible and reliable. It will not slow down your computer.

*If you have any questions with the download process, your local Independent Bank branch will be happy to help. For further information about Trusteer Rapport, please refer to this TrusteerRapport_InfoGuide. 

Fraud Assistance

Independent Bank is committed to providing timely and accurate fraud prevention resources and information. Click here for Independent Bank’s Fraud Assistance page.

Additional information about prevalent fraud and cyber-attacks may also be sent to you as a secure message through Online Banking.

Please note: To report a lost or stolen card, please contact your local Independent Bank immediately. For assistance after hours or on weekends, please contact the bank (through its vendor support at FiServ) immediately at 800.472.3272.

Multifactor Authentication

Your Independent Bank Online Banking experience is protected with the help of an enhanced Multifactor Authentication (MFA) system.Trusteer_lockimage1

What it Means MFA is a fancy term for a security system that uses more than one form of identification to verify that a transaction is legitimate.

What it Does Independent Bank’s MFA system utilizes a “knowledge factor” and a “possession factor” to protect your financial security. Each time you login to Online Banking you are required to submit a secure password (the knowledge factor), then you must submit the secure access code that is sent to your phone or email (the possession factor).

Is it Required? For your security, all Independent Bank Online Banking customers are protected through the MFA system. However, for ease of access, customers are given the option to activate their private computers for later use. (A secure token is placed on your computer’s browser, but the number of allowable activations may be limited for the enhanced security of your account).

Independent Bank takes your financial security seriously and protecting your future will remain the bank’s top priority.

Lean on a Bank with Answers. Lean on Independent Bank.


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Our Journey with McKinney Christian Academy

Settlers came to Collin County, TX in 1841 bringing little more than their pioneer spirit; and hope for 640 acres of land, a gun and help building a cabin. Their struggles defined an era, and marked the onset of remarkable advances in agriculture, industry, commerce and family life.

MCA_logoOver a century later, as North Texas communities developed deeper roots, a group of devoted Christian parents worked tirelessly to establish a school anchored by strong Biblical integration and a rigorous academic curriculum. With Independent Bank as their primary financial partner, McKinney Christian Academy opened in 1992 with an inaugural class of thirteen students. Its founding was in large part due to the dedication of Dr. Michael and A’Lisa Adams and Mrs. Diane Lopez.

Over the next 22 years McKinney Christian Academy was able to add one grade-level each year, culminating in the first graduating class of three seniors in 2003. The entire time, Independent Bank has been by their side. If a project required financial expertise, projections, support or funding, Independent Bank lent their expertise.

Today our relationship couldn’t be stronger.

Bond with Your Bank – For Good Reason

There are practical benefits to building and maintaining a familiarity with your bank. Growing together with your personal banker can help in the following areas:

  • Because a bank is already familiar with your financial situation it takes less time get things done, particularly when borrowing. Starting from “scratch” takes time and resources.
  • Your banker will be on the lookout for new opportunities that fit your financial track, and size. This will become valuable when your business contemplates any future moves.

Independent Bank was there in 1992 to help McKinney Christian Academy acquire space on Graves Street and renovate it for the school’s use. Independent Bank also assisted McKinney Christian Academy with the purchase the 63 acres of beautiful tree-lined property in 2001 which comprises their current campus. Enrollment at McKinney Christian Academy is approaching 575 students, thanks to the careful stewardship of administrators, parents and community boosters. The personal bankers at Independent Bank have been able to help McKinney Christian Academy design and implement capital improvement projects and manage cash flow.

MCA_FlashBanner_770x329Independent Bank has also extended its reach in communities across Texas. We continue to invest in technology and most importantly our people. We offer a diverse set of financial products and services designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and families better manage their finances. All the while, Independent Bank remains wholeheartedly committed to keeping decisions local and providing a level of personal service above and beyond expectations.

“Even with their continued growth, the professional and timely response of account officers at Independent Bank continues to be impressive”
~ Carol Ownby, Director of Development at MCA

Our Mission Continues

McKinney Texas experienced its first economic boom after the opening of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad in 1872. Modern McKinney is on a similar fast track. It’s no surprise that McKinney Christian Academy has been busy expanding their programs and facilities this summer. Independent Bank has been proud to provide financial solutions that support their mission. Students for the 2014-2015 school year may look forward to a new softball field, new classrooms, new curriculum, new signs, new awnings, new technology and additional faculty.

McKinney Christian Academy started with nothing more than fifteen donated boxes of books and an abundance of pioneering spirit. Today their library boasts over 10,000 volumes and the school offers a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum along with music, athletics, foreign language and art. Together we continue to grow and prosper, grounded in Texas values and serving with a higher purpose.

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PediPlace Shines a Beacon of Health and Hope

PediPlace in Lewisville and Dallas provide high-quality, accessible, comprehensive, primary pediatric services to 6,000 uninsured and under-insured local children each year. By providing care for those in need, PediPlace has become a well-respected and relied upon organization in North Texas.

pedi_place_logoAlbert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” At PediPlace, providing pediatric medical care to those without means has become much more than a quest for “A life worthwhile.” It started as a dream for Dr. Darla Kincaid and Dr. Mark Holt: two determined physicians who believed children in homes facing a financial hardship should have access to quality medical care.

In 1994 they opened their doors and instantly became a welcome addition to the community.

Pedi Place primary care pediatric services include:

  • Newborn parent health and child safety education
  • Parent/child health education
  • Immunizations
  • Sports physicals
  • Preventive care (annual well-child check-ups)
  • Treatment of acute illness
  • Treatment and management of chronic illness
  • Referrals for specialized medical care

PediPlace was recognized in 2010 and again in 2012 as the Clinical Site of the Year by the Greater North Texas Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, as a finalist for the mission achievement award presented by the Center for Non Profit Management; and its CEO is a 2014 finalist in the CEO of year category. This summer marks their 21st year of service. Independent Bank shares their goal and urges parents of young children to schedule all the recommended vaccinations, check-ups and medical care suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Pedi Place_FlashBanner_770x329Banking Services

When it comes to banking, PediPlace relies on Independent Bank for their business needs. As a non-profit organization, PediPlace continually fundraises and participates in community events. Larry Robins, President and CEO of PediPlace says, “Our relationship with Independent Bank may not be overly dramatic or complex, but our work together embodies an important shared commitment to our mission. It’s about people.”

Gary Lewis, Area President, and the team at Independent Bank have helped PediPlace manage their finances for more than a decade. By developing an efficient and convenient banking program, Independent Bank gives PediPlace’s medical team more time to focus on patient care. Larry explains,

“PediPlace is dedicated to engaging with families and we believe Independent Bank shares and supports our mission.”

Independent Bank is proud to be the bank of choice for PediPlace. Our personal and commercial banking products are accompanied by an unparalleled level of customer service, and a strong team of decisive, responsive and experienced banking professionals. For information about Independent Bank financial management programs contact one of our convenient local branches.

The Importance of Primary Care

Whether your child is entering school for the first time or about to graduate, back-to-school season is the perfect opportunity for parents to checkup on their children’s health. They need to be protected against common childhood diseases and illnesses. It may also be a convenient time to have a general health screening or a sports-physical. These basic measures may identify a potential problem before it becomes a serious health threat.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Last December PediPlace opened a second location serving neighborhoods in North Dallas as well as Richardson and Addison. The staff is excited to provide the same quality pediatric care to even more area children. As new neighbors PediPlace leadership is also looking forward to connecting with local volunteers and donors.

For those who meet the criteria and are in need of medical care: call PediPlace for an appointment @ Lewisville (972) 436-7962 or Dallas (214) 420-8008.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_20111-300x22

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Independent Bank Brings “Personal” back to Personal Banking


William Penn, an early champion of democracy and religious freedom once said, “Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.” When the leadership at Singing Oaks Church of Christ in Denton came to an impasse it was an act of patience and diligence that ultimately led them to Independent Bank.

More than seven years ago, the church elders agreed the best interest of the community could be served by purchasing a 66 acre tract just north of their Congregation Center. After many attempts and complications stemming from shared-ownership (of the land) they could not reach an agreement. For many years afterward the property sat vacant and unused.

Serving those in needSingingOaksAd_July2014_v9
Singing Oaks Church of Christ continued to serve the community. Where there were people in need you would often find their congregation members offering a helping hand. Their food shelter and sponsorship of a “Haircuts for the Homeless” program are two of the many positive programs church members organize to improve the lives of others.

Meanwhile, the idea to use those 66 acres for the greater good never faded. Seven years later elders Steve Speck and Jerry Browder of Singing Oaks Church of Christ entered Independent Bank for the first time. The persistence of another elder, Jerry Cheatham, and realtor, Barbara Russell, had resulted in uniting the current owners of the 66 acres, and now they needed to find an organization that would finance the deal.

How did we meet?
Steve and Jerry along with Singing Oaks’ other elders assembled a list of banks, and met with a number of them before talking with Independent Bank. Nothing clicked. Then they met with B.J. Donalson, AVP Commercial Lending and Dan Brooks, Executive Chairman at Independent Bank and immediately sensed their willingness to help. Working with Independent Bank was very different. The committee culture they encountered in previous meetings, at previous banks was non-existent.

B.J. and Dan were very personable and accommodating, but more importantly they were direct and addressed every concern, every question – right on the spot. Independent Bank was pleased to get involved. They helped Singing Oaks Church of Christ acquire financing for the land under very favorable terms. The bankers were proud to support Singing Oaks work within the community.

We’ve grown together
Since financing the loan, Singing Oaks Church of Christ has moved all their banking needs to Independent Bank. The church administrators and personnel really appreciate working with a local community bank. The difference is remarkable.  “It sounds like a cliché,” remarks Steve “but when you walk into the bank everybody knows your name. It’s just like the famous TV show Cheers!”

“I am old enough to remember when personal banking was personal.  Independent Bank has brought that back into play.”

~ Steve Speck , Elder
Singing Oaks Church of Christ

Now, the banking relationship couldn’t be stronger. B.J. and Courtney Williams, Treasury Management Sales and Support Specialist recently updated Singing Oaks Church of Christ with Remote Deposit Capture – a feature church leaders never considered before. The church is also expanding their use of online banking and currently in discussions with TransFirst regarding the addition of a merchant services account. “Things couldn’t be better. Everybody at Independent Bank has been very responsive”, said Steve.

The elders of Singing Oaks Church of Christ know the virtue of patience. Through it they discovered a financial partner that shares their vision and passion to help the community. Steve mentioned he has been meaning to send Dan Brooks a note saying they’re all very impressed with the quality of people working at Independent Bank.

The message has been received.  Thank you, Steve.


Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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Stay Informed, Get Connected, Independent Bank Social Media

Independent Bank would like to thank all of you who are a part of our five social media outlets. We’ve established a true community that we are honored to reach out to every day.

Whether you have liked our status, retweeted us, viewed our videos, read our blogs or thought about doing any of the above, we thank you and hope you will enjoy what is yet to come.

If you’re new to Independent Bank or its social media pages here is what to expect:


On our Facebook page, you’ll get fun, not boring.

Engage with us, stay informed on branch/community events and products, participate in trivia and even win through contests.

You can expect to see everything from award announcements to chicken-fried steak pictures from one day to the next. :)


On our Twitter page, we’ll keep you up to date.

Jump into the ever-evolving world of Twitter. Keep abreast of pertinent news and get real time updates of what’s going on the world around you.

You can expect to see everything from important causes to news to inspirational quotes.



On our LinkedIn page, make sure to bring your briefcase. :)

Learn about featured career opportunities, products and services, and notable news/accomplishments.

You can expect to connect with us, business by business, person by person.


On our YouTube channel, you’ll find a visual snapshot of our bank.

Sit back and enjoy professionally produced videos that describe products, our values and what we do best.

You can expect more to come on our YouTube Channel.


  • Since you’re reading our blog right now, there’s no need to describe what it looks like, but we hope you enjoy the testimonials about our partnerships with businesses around the communities we serve.
  • Look for in depth coverage of our products, like Text Banking, Finance360 and the iPhone® and Android™ app.
  • You can expect more stories about the many ways we are involved in the communities we serve, such as the story about how Independent Bank helped a church restore a historic home, or tips from realtors to help potential buyers/sellers.

McDonald’s once said that the head of its social media is the customer. We subscribe to a similar theory. Our main social media tenants are to create, inform, connect, promote and grow. Since Independent Bank considers customers to be its greatest asset, we truly value the “connect” tenant. We want to hear your voice.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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Building Strong Relationships Based on a Two-Way Street

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

For certain professions, quality isn’t negotiable. When it comes to providing neighborhood lighting, visible stop signs and sturdy mailboxes, quality is required. Brandon Industries stresses importance of maintaining a system of quality at all levels. With each and every light or sign it produces, each employee it hires and each partner it does business with, quality is a priority.

BrandonIndustries_Ad_March2014When Brandon Industries sought a bank that would provide them with a quality hassle-free business relationship it turned to Independent Bank. Both organizations subscribe to the philosopher Aristotle’s belief that quality is not an act, but a habit. This mutual philosophy helped Brandon Hall, President of Brandon Industries, forge a lasting relationship with Independent Bank’s Robert Camp.

“Having full confidence in Robert and the Independent Bank team gives us peace of mind,” Brandon said.

Independent Bank helped Brandon to expand his business and keep moving forward. He said experience with other banks was not always so easy and that inefficient practices tended to “bog down” his business.

Robert was able to answer all the questions Brandon asked, and even some of the questions he didn’t ask. Years of experience allowed Robert to make the lending process as easy and pain-free as possible. However, the relationship doesn’t end after Brandon conducts a transaction with Independent Bank. Robert makes himself available to Brandon and serves as a trusted resource in discussing ways to move his business forward.

Brandon said his experience with Robert is similar to all the dealings he’s had with everyone at Independent Bank. He appreciates that everyone is personable, but also that they’re hard workers who produce results whenever he’s ready to get down to business.

“Independent Bank has an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff with a small town bank feel,” Brandon said. “Independent Bank, however, has big bank capabilities giving their customers the best of both worlds.”

Quality may be a habit, but it also takes many forms. Independent Bank is committed to providing quality to Brandon Industries and to all its clients. With a commitment to doing it right the first time and expecting the highest standard of ethics and integrity, quality will remain at the forefront of the bank’s priorities.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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