Finding a Personal Bank

Today’s choices for personal banking are not as limited as they were during our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.  Now, instead of one small hometown bank, there are many options available to choose for our personal banking needs.  Deciding the best bank to use for personal banking can be difficult, but by using a few simple suggestions, you can make a personal bank choice that could result in a long, happy relationship between you and your bank.


With the advent of direct deposit, online bill pay and other automatic, computerized services offered by banks, many customers don’t think about how important it is to know the banker.  Although visiting a bank branch may not happen as often as it did 10 years ago, there are occasions when you may need to visit your local bank.  You could receive a gift from a relative in the form of a check that must be cashed or deposited. You might need a car or mortgage loan.  All of these situations might require a visit to your bank, and if you personally know your banker and they know you, your needs will be addressed expediently in a friendly and professional manner.

Online Banking

With many community banks, you receive personal customer service coupled with state-of-the art technology. Online banking is an important feature in personal banking that affords convenience and saves you time.  Having the ability to review charges on your account or make transfers between accounts on the go is an important feature when choosing a bank.  Some customers prefer a variety of online banking services, including the ability to access accounts using mobile phones and other devices; while others prefer limited online banking, where they can check balances and transactions using secure online services.  Before choosing a personal bank, review their technology services to be sure they offer customized banking solutions for you!


Most banks now offer quite a few protections for consumers.  Overdraft protection, automatic transfers and low balance notifications are all services that can help you protect yourself and avoid overdraft fees and other charges.  Some banks offer notifications when a debit card is used in an unusual manner, such as higher than normal purchases or use out of the area that is not normal for the customer.  This can protect the consumer against identity theft, which can be very costly and time consuming.

When choosing a personal bank, it is important to consider the technology solutions available to you,   the confidence and trust you have in your banker as well as the high level of personal service you enjoy at your local neighborhood bank. For more information about choosing a personal bank, visit


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