Types of Business Banking Solutions

Independent Bank is proud to offer many business banking services to help grow the local economy, create jobs and make our community better.  By remaining focused on the local community, Independent Bank can tailor business loans and services to better suit the unique needs of the community around them and offer the same high-technology services that national banks offer, but with a hometown approach to service you’ll enjoy.

Direct Deposit

Save your employees the hassle of going to the bank every payday to deposit paychecks by offering direct deposit.  Much safer than issuing payroll checks, direct deposit reduces losses due to stolen, forged or lost paychecks and will save you money since you will no longer have to spend time writing and issuing checks.  In addition, with Direct Deposit, you can actually approve payroll from your mobile phone, anywhere, even while you’re on the golf course!

Positive Pay 

Positive Pay is a business banking service that offers you the ability to detect fraud before checks are paid. Positive Pay reduces your risk of check fraud and gives you comfort in the knowledge that your authorized payments are processed properly.

Remote Deposit Capture

One business banking service offered by Independent Bank is Remote Deposit Capture.  Rather than carry checks to the bank to deposit them, Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit them from your place of business, simply by scanning the check at your location.  In most cases, a check received today will be money in the bank tomorrow, reducing waiting times for checks to clear.  Not only that, your staff will no longer deal with traffic delays and deposit preparation is much simpler.

Lockbox Services

Allow Independent Bank to process your accounts receivable payments! Lockbox service can help simplify the collection and expedite the processing of your account receivables by having payments mailed directly to a PO Box accessed daily by the bank. Get rid of the headaches, free up your staff and improve your cash flow by having the bank process your payments!

In addition to these services, Independent Bank offers electronic tax payment services, merchant bankcard processing and other services designed specifically for businesses. These special services are much like those offered by national banks, but at Independent Bank, you get those same services without feeling as if you are nothing but an account number. For more information on business banking services, visit www.independent-bank.com.


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