Building Relationships as Community Life Church Builds its Dreams

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Responding to a call is paramount to the relationships Independent Bank lenders form with their customers. When customers tell us where they want to go and what it will take to get there, we take them seriously and diligently work to make their dreams realities.

Kevin Griffin, Independent Bank Regional President, responded to Community Life Church and its pastor Mike Banas in 2007 when they felt the call to purchase their first church property in McKinney, TX.

“Independent Bank allowed us to acquire five acres and our first building in McKinney as a young church,” Banas said. “They had faith in us when we thought we were the only ones who had faith in ourselves.”

Responding to a call is nothing new for Banas. He responded to a call in college when he became a Christian immediately after hearing a gospel message while walking through the campus of Arizona State University. He again responded to a call when he moved his family from Midland to McKinney after Pastor Joe Martin of Trinity Church in Dallas met Banas and discussed his desire to plant a church in McKinney.

As Community Life Church grows from a church that once met in an elementary school to a church of over 400 members, it still desires to be a church that involves every member of its congregation in an area of ministry and to help those in need, whether they be in or out of the congregation. Independent Bank understands that a church is more than its walls and we are proud when churches are able to use loans to extend the reach of their community.

“Independent Bank is a local bank with national influence that is willing to help every segment of its community.” Banas said. “We appreciate their investment in the people who invest in the community they live in.”

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On. MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

3 Responses to Building Relationships as Community Life Church Builds its Dreams

  1. Mike Banas says:

    Love this. Thanks Independent Bank for helping our God given dreams become a reality.

  2. Mark Roos says:

    Great to read a positive report on one example of businesses working together to give back to the communities they serve.

  3. nice post…thanks for sharing relationships Independent Bank…

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