A Realtor’s Tips on Selling Homes in a Buyer’s Market

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Desperately scanning the walls to search for areas in need of touchup paint. Cleaning twice a day. Setting out a fresh pot of coffee or baking cookies to help potential buyers feel at home.  In an age when the phrase “it’s a buyer’s market” is on the tip of every listing agent’s tongue, sellers must do whatever they can to entice house hunters.

Whether the market favors the buyer or the seller, Independent Bank’s motivation never changes. Independent Bank is committed to delivering “above and beyond service” through its two proven mortgage partners Square One Mortgage (North Texas) and Independent Bank Mortgage (Austin) in offering customers competitive rates and unmatched personal attention.

Independent Bank has worked with many great listing agents who know what it takes to sell a house. One of those agents is Denice Webb from Halo Group Realty. Webb is currently assisting several clients who are using Square One Mortgage.

Webb said the best way to get a home sold fast in a buyer’s market is to price the home at the seller’s lowest comfort level. However, she likes to appeal to a buyer’s senses by adding soft music or an appropriate scent when showing a home. According to Webb, improvements to the outside of a house can be just as important as changes to a home’s interior.

“Curb appeal is everything,” Webb said. “I always suggest brightly colored flowers planted in pots around the front and a clean, freshly painted front door.”

Visualization is an important part of a buyer’s process when looking at homes. Making a home look like a place where friends will want to visit and stay helps to “bring life” to a home.

“I love to make conversation pits to make the house look homey and inviting,” Webb said. “I like to put couple of chairs together with a table and a lamp between them. One chair usually has a pillow on it, and the other has a throw.”

Some improvements may seem important to the seller, but may not improve the resale value of the home.

“Everyone loves an updated kitchen,” Webb said. “But unless your buyers are gourmet cooks, they will not require high-end appliances. I would say to go with black or stainless appliances, but you don’t have to install the top of the line brands.”

As Webb continues the practice of making homes look inviting and “homey,” she said she will continue to use Square One Mortgage (a division of Independent Bank) because she believes they provide excellent service and they don’t lead buyers on by giving them a false sense of hope if they aren’t qualified to purchase a home right away.

“I always hand my buyers three cards in order to help them choose their lender,” Webb said. “I am always glad when they choose Square One and Independent Bank.”

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