Hassle-Free Loans Make Star Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Beam

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Star Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Georgetown, TX found out that stress is not part of the equation when asking for a commercial real estate loan from Independent Bank.

Relationships thrive when trust and responsibility are present. Independent Bank’s responsibility is to uphold our clients’ trust by treating them differently than large, impersonal banks. That responsibility extends to the perceived stressful task of asking for a loan.

When Star Smiles needed a commercial lot loan, they turned to Independent Bank. What they found was something different than they have ever experienced. Adrian Gonzales, Star Smiles office manager and partner, said that his interactions with their lender Chris Logue, Independent Bank-Georgetown President, and everyone at Independent Bank have been pleasant and easy.

“We gained simplicity and peace of mind from Independent Bank,” Adrian said. “Getting our lot loan for our new office was the easiest I’ve ever received. Chris has been great from the start and continues to provide great service.”

Other banks may tell you how your loan will be processed in complicated banking terms, direct your questions to an automated phone system, and extend the length of processing your loan. Dr. Kelly Gonzales, Star Smiles partner, found out that Independent Bank lenders like Chris Logue listen to your needs before conversationally explaining possible solutions, answer your calls personally, and work hard to find fast, lasting loan solutions.

“Our commercial real estate loan with Chris was the easiest we’ve ever experienced,” Kelly said. “Chris offers great rates, explains everything simply in layman’s terms and provides great tips on the banking process.”

Star Smiles prides itself on its well-trained staff that loves children and their “mother’s touch to children’s dentistry.” They provide specialized dentistry from infancy to teenage years and care for special needs patients of all ages. Star Smiles focuses on preventative care to help each child have “a smile that will last a lifetime.”

Star Smiles’ relationship with Independent Bank continues on. Once Star Smiles builds its new office, they will be able to offer the same great service geared around kids, only in an expanded and more efficient “child-friendly” environment.

It all started with a loan from Independent Bank, which Dr. Kelly Gonzales rates “five out of five stars.”

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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