Keeping it Simple Allows MOSAK and Independent Bank to Shine

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Somewhere between thought and clarity lies the curse of business jargon. In a world where confusing phrases like “Synergizing logistics while utilizing core competencies” have become commonplace, Austin-based MOSAK Advertising and Insights works to reverse the business jargon curse.

MOSAK offers clear, simple advertising solutions, standing out from the pack to help businesses grow. Likewise, Independent Bank-Manor lender Jon Morgan works hard to maintain a straightforward, responsive relationship with MOSAK. A relationship that has stayed strong for the past four years by offering no fluff, just answers.

Independent Bank provides a working capital line of credit for MOSAK and recently delivered MOSAK the capital it needed to purchase their $2.4 million building. A move that Randy Cieslewicz, MOSAK Chief Financial Officer, described as very important.

 “Purchasing our building has proven to be beneficial to the strategic direction of the company,” Cieslewicz said.

Cieslewicz loves the business value that Independent Bank is able to provide, but he said the personal service MOSAK regularly receives is what he values most about the bank.

Monique Threadgill, MOSAK Founder and President, agreed that Independent Bank’s level of personal service stands out, adding that Independent Bank is extremely responsive, easily accessible and always helpful. She also loves that she can trust in the bank and the peace of mind it provides.

“Independent Bank gives us the ability to focus on growing and managing our business,” Threadgill said. “I love knowing that our bank is stable, secure and always looking out for our best interests.”

As MOSAK continues to operate under the slogan “Not Flashy, Just Bright”, they maintain a client-centered approach that focuses less on what will win advertising awards, and more about how their clients can improve their business. Independent Bank operates under the same customer-focused approach and is excited about partnering with an organization that shares its values.

Threadgill said Independent Bank makes MOSAK’s business run easier. You can’t get much simpler than that.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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