New Location at Your Fingertips with iPhone® & Android™ App

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

You may have put down roots, but those roots can now stretch a long way. Independent Bank’s new Mobile Banking app for the iPhone® and Android™ will allow you to bank on the go, wherever you are.

Convenient and Secure Mobile Banking:

Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee or attending a webinar, convenience is essential. Independent Bank doesn’t think banking should be any different. With the Mobile Banking app from Independent Bank, you can use Mobile Bill Pay, check available balances, view account activity, locate the nearest branch/ATM locations and transfer funds safely and conveniently from your smart phone.


  • Mobile Bill Pay
  • Check real time, balances on accounts
  • View account activity on all Independent Bank accounts
  • Review pending items and search banking history by date and description
  • Locate the nearest branch/ATM locations
  • Transfer funds
  • Approve, cancel, or view transactions
  • Send and receive secure messages

Independent Bank’s Mobile Banking app is free and is available to all Independent Bank Online Banking customers. With the Mobile Banking app, you can trust in the same ease of access and password-protected 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security given to our Online Banking customers.

*You must enroll in Independent Bank’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking services to use the Mobile Banking app.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

One Response to New Location at Your Fingertips with iPhone® & Android™ App

  1. Karen Holmes says:

    THANK YOU! I have been waiting for a mobile app for a while. I’ve been keeping an account with another bank just for the convenience of having a mobile app. Time to considate it all with IB and get rid of the “Big Bank” once and for all. This new app is also super easy to use. Can’t thank you enough! Now if only we had the ability to deposit a check using a smart phone camera with the app or at the drive through ATM after hours. Hmmmmm…..

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