Adriatica Women’s Health Knows Comfort is their Business

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Trust is important in any friendship, relationship or business. In the women’s healthcare business, earning patients’ trust is a necessity. Adriatica Women’s Health in McKinney gains its patients’ trust by providing superior healthcare products and service, while striving to make each patient feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

For over a decade, Adriatica Women’s Health has proudly served patients in the North Texas area and Independent Bank has been right there along the way. Adriatica Women’s Health physician and co-owner Lori Halderman knows the importance of consistent partners in the midst of transition.

“Independent Bank has been our business bank for 12 years,” Halderman said. “We moved into two new offices all due to Independent Bank. We are now in a beautiful office building in Adriatica [a McKinney subdivision]. The bank has also helped us through slow business times to maintain our cash flow.”

Dr. Tracey Banks, founder and president of Adriatica Women’s Health, agreed with the importance of consistency, adding that she feels like her lender, Kevin Griffin, has her back and that personal service is one of the things she likes best about Independent Bank.

“No matter what branch I walk into, everyone knows me before I blink an eye,” Banks said. “You can’t get any more responsive service.”

Banks is familiar with the need for responsive, personal service as she strives to provide the “wow factor” to her own customers by making them feel welcome in every part of their experience. Her patients and the community have responded positively. One customer said she literally loves going to her visits and wonders how many clinics you could say that about. Another customer praised the beautiful and homey atmosphere, along with the great doctors and nurses. Additionally, Adriatica Women’s Health has also been honored with “Best of McKinney” and “Best of Dallas” selections.

Adriatica Women’s Health first came to Independent Bank when it was comparison shopping for loans. A simple enough action that happens on a daily basis. 12 years later, we are delighted that simple action blossomed into a lasting relationship that gives Independent Bank the ability to help a practice that makes an undeniable impact in the lives of women.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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