Constructing Lending Solutions to Help JoCo Builders Grow

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Every patio, kitchen remodel and home JoCo Builders constructs is custom-made to meet its clients’ needs. Similarly, when JoCo sought a residential construction loan to expand its business, Independent Bank listened to its needs and created a custom solution.

The relationship didn’t stop there. Lender Kevin Poynter and Independent Bank helped JoCo Builders grow their real estate investments by 50 percent. Cory Priest, JoCo Builders Owner/Partner, appreciates how Independent Bank responds to their needs, instead of having a bank tell them how things should be done.

“Flexibility is very important,” Priest said. “Independent Bank continually meets our changing needs. From operating lines to real estate notes, they cover it all.”

Based in Waco, JoCo Builders has focused its business on building quality by leading the way in energy efficient technologies to ensure long-term performance. Owner/Partners Josh Wadsworth, Rob Baker and Cory Priest believe the construction business is a “people business.”

JoCo’s partners follow Psalms 15:4, which includes a pledge to keep oaths even when they hurt. Ensuring quality may cost them money, but they gladly do it in order to do the right thing and stand by their word. Baker feels that same sense of integrity from Kevin Poynter and Independent Bank.

“Kevin’s not some pencil pusher,” Baker said. “He knows our business, has a deep understanding of construction and provides decisions quickly.”

Wadsworth agrees that the accessibility and quick decisions of lenders is important, but he also appreciates how Poynter listens to JoCo Builders’ business plan and helps them think through it. Wadsworth said that Independent Bank has helped JoCo build new niches in its construction business.

Poynter can knowledgably talk through JoCo Builders business plan due to years of lending experience within the construction industry. However, Poynter knows each company is different, so listening plays a vital role in developing lasting lending solutions.

When developing solutions for JoCo Builders, energy efficiency is a big part of the discussion. JoCo utilizes third party engineers to create a “whole-house” approach to lowering energy costs. This approach involves spray-foam insulation to fill every crack and crevice in exterior walls, double insulated vinyl windows and efficient HVAC systems. Feedback from clients like Lisa Watson provides further insight into the fruit of JoCo’s work.

“JoCo created a quality home that has the custom look and features we wanted, while being mindful of our budget,” Watson said. “The energy efficient options that our builder suggested have proven to be very valuable.”

As JoCo Builders stay current with the latest technologies to provide lasting quality, Independent Bank will be there to meet its changing needs. A relationship Wadsworth values.

“There is no way to quantify the impact people have on developing quality relationships,” Wadsworth said. “Independent Bank is great to work with because it has great people who really care about their bank, their customers and their reputation.”

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.


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