Lean on a Bank with Answers

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

At Independent Bank, you can have your cake and eat it, all while receiving unparalleled personal service and the latest technology.

Walking into our branches, you will receive attentive service from the community bankers you know and trust. Walking out of branches, you can access the up-to-date convenience and reliability of financial products once thought exclusive to “big banks.”

Access Your Independence:

In addition to the reliability of Online Banking and eStatements, you now have the freedom to bank the way you want with Text Banking, Finance360 and the iPhone®/Android™ App. These recently released eServices will take you further, faster.

Text Banking

Convenience226563 is Independent Bank’s Text Banking number. It is also your ticket to convenience. Program this number in your phone and receive the answer you’re looking for with a few clicks of the button.

Simplicity - The text commands of “BAL” for balance, “HIST” for history, “XFER” for transfer, etc. will generate an instant text response with the information you need.

Freedom – You can stop use of Text Banking at any time by texting “STOP”.

*Click here to learn how to enroll in Text Banking. Before use, you must enroll in Independent Bank’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking services.


Organize - View balances/transaction history for all your financial activity (including non-Independent Bank activity) from one easy-to-use dashboard. Plan a monthly budget according to customized categories of your choosing (such as entertainment, dining out, little Bobby’s allowance money etc.).

Customize - Create personalized spending reports to track expenses, cash flow, credit card usage, etc.

ResearchSetup payment reminders, estimate the market value of real estate, add generic accounts with personalized values, and so much more.

*Click here to learn how to enroll in Finance360. Before use, you must enroll in Independent Bank’s OnlineBanking service.

iPhone®/Android™ App

Up-to-date – Check real time balances on accounts. View account activity on all Independent Bank accounts. Review pending items and search banking history by date/description.

Helpful – Locate nearest branch/ATM locations.

Active – Use Mobile Bill Pay. Transfer funds. Approve, cancel or view transactions. Send and receive secure messages.

Click here to download the Independent Bank iPhone® app
Click here to download the Independent Bank Android™ app

* You must enroll in Independent Bank’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking services to use the iPhone® or Android™ app.

— Click here for the complete menu of Independent Bank eServices —

Lean on a Bank with Answers. Lean on Independent Bank.

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