Forging Relationships with Similar States of Mind

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

If you’re lucky enough to find it, you usually know right away. Much like a favorite pair of jeans, the right banker is something you hold on to. Attorney Frank Leffingwell said Independent Bank’s Michael Doss has been an ideal fit for his firm.

Leffingwell and Associates, P.C. is a boutique law firm in Round Rock that focuses on a small number of core practice areas so that it can provide a focused level of expertise to clients. Focused attention is Michael Doss’ business philosophy as well, which helped their relationship blossom quickly.

“Michael has been an ideal banker for our business,” Leffingwell said. “Michael and Independent Bank have provided our law firm with a level of personal service and responsiveness that has allowed our law firm to grow.”

Doss is available when Leffingwell needs him, but he also realizes the perfect banking relationship involves more than time. Emersion into what makes Leffingwell’s firm tick and what will best help it grow, saves time while fostering a relationship that thrives on productivity.

This style of banking has produced rapid results. Leffingwell and Associates started banking with Independent Bank a year ago and has already financed its office building, opened numerous deposits, and utilized various treasury management tools like remote deposit capture (RDC), direct deposit and online banking to improve the efficiency of its firm.

With less time devoted to banking matters, the attorneys at Leffingwell and Associates have more time to focus on the areas they want focus on, like estate planning, commercial real estate, and physician and medical practice services.

Like Independent Bank, Leffingwell and Associates is fueled on the removal of red tape and a focus on direct relationships. It is this commonality that will allow Leffingwell and Doss’ relationship to flourish well into the future.

“Personal service and friendliness, blended with responsiveness and competence go a long way,” Leffingwell said. “Michael’s demeanor along with his attention to detail combines perfectly with the way our law firm operates.”

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.

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