Less Stress, More Answers and Smooth Solutions

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Development 2000 takes pride in offering “turn-key” service at every phase of development, from designing and building to property management. Knowing life is stressful, the company works to provide made-to-order service that is free of all hassle or worry. With this principle in mind, it sought a bank that would abide by their golden rule and eliminate any stress associated with obtaining a loan. They found Independent Bank and Chris Logue, President-Georgetown.

Commercial Construction BankLogue doesn’t work in a care-free way by any means, but that’s by design. Working diligently behind the scenes, Logue’s detailed work in preparing loans transforms into an effortless process when he’s presenting the details of the loan to clients like Development 2000. A style that is very apparent to John Bundy, Vice President of Development 2000.

“The ease of transactions for our commercial construction loans with Independent Bank was perfect,” Bundy said. “Chris is a total professional whenever we work with him and it’s nice to know we have someone like that on our side.”

The seamless nature of working with Logue continues even when he’s working on multiple projects. Logue obtained financing for Development 2000 on a 70,000 square foot logistics facility and a 13,000 square foot medical clinic around the same time period.

“Our commercial construction and permanent loans have allowed us to grow our existing commercial real estate portfolio significantly,” Bundy said. “With Logue we’re able to continue our growth without a hitch because the process is so simple.”

As business grows, Development 2000 relies on staying organized and looking beyond the short term. Responsible for a long-range real estate management strategy, the firm doesn’t settle for “today” or “tomorrow” decisions, it works to form decisions that last.

Writer Jennifer Yane once said, “I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.” Life can be stressful, especially when you are trying to balance today’s tasks with tomorrows. Bundy and Development 2000 work to achieve this balance by considering both short and long term objectives with clients. Chris Logue employed a similar strategy with Bundy and his colleagues throughout their loan process. The result – successful loans with less stress.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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