Finding the Simple Ingredients to a Lasting Relationship

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

He started with one goal in mind. Don’t be like the others, be better. He wanted to build a store that he would go to. A health and nutritional store that stressed details at every level. From product ingredients  to customer care, Mike Sammons understands details matter.

Since opening Mike’s Health Collection in McKinney 18 years ago, Mike has stayed true to his goal of stressing the details and keeping a high standard. Caring about customers is not an obligation for Mike. It’s his passion. He understands that customers depend on him and he enjoys finding the right products to keep them healthy. Mike was disappointed that he wasn’t getting the same type of careful, responsive service at the big bank he did business with. He desired something different. He turned to Independent Bank and Jeanne Barnett.

Mike desired a relationship with a banker who would AllenMagazine_7.25x4.75_JeanneBarnettMikesHealthAd_April2013serve as a partner in his business and would care about it as much as he did.

“Jeanne Barnett is the reason I opened my account with Independent Bank,” Mike said. “Her advice and service has been very beneficial to me.”

Jeanne’s relationship with Mike is not dependent on a single loan or business dealing. Mike knows he can call Jeanne at any time to tap into her knowledge of banking and what works for businesses. The result of the relationship is healthy business with many healthy customers. Loyal to Mike’s Health Collection, customers have flooded sites like Google Plus with positive feedback of the service they receive from Mike and his staff. An anonymous customer said the following.

“You think you are walking into a store but what you find is a collection of friends who listen, who know what to offer and who can suggest what might be useful,” Mike’s customer said. “When my husband had cancer, we certainly did the traditional treatments, but it was the support and love, not to mention the supplements of Mike’s Health Collection that made the difference.”

With such loyal and thoughtful customers it’s no wonder why Mike’s store is his passion.

“I go to work every day with a smile on my face because I get to make people happy and keep them healthy,” Mike said. “They’re more than customers. They are my friends and I am truly appreciative of the relationships I’ve formed through the store.”

Mike doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon and Jeanne looks forward to being there to help meet the needs of his business whenever he needs her.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

One Response to Finding the Simple Ingredients to a Lasting Relationship

  1. Jim says:

    Mike’s Health Collection is a fantastic store! He is an amazing guy….we love doing business with him!

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