Faith Reinforced with Experience and Understanding

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

Faith has many definitions. It can be defined as allegiance to duty/person, a belief and trust in and loyalty to God, or a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Crosspoint Church Pastor Mark Turman and his staff believe in Independent Bank. A belief that is supported by years of a solid, committed bond.

Crosspoint-Church-WEBPastor Turman said Greg Steglich and the rest of the Independent Bank staff are people his church knows, trusts and can count on. Never considered a “blind faith”, the faith Crosspoint puts in Independent Bank is a strong faith rooted in a clear and transparent relationship.
Crosspoint’s relationship with Independent Bank extends back nearly two decades to when the church formed in 1996. Since then, the church has undergone three major expansion projects and land acquisitions. Through the construction of a multipurpose building in 1999-2000, the addition of temporary space in 2006 and a children’s building in 2010, the church has stood by Independent Bank and the bank has stood by the church.

The church endured two major economic downturns in 2001 and 2009 that each coincided with downturns in the national economy. During these times, Pastor Turman said Independent Bank helped the church weather its financial declines by finding creative and effective cash flow solutions such as restructuring long term loans. He said that the bank understands the “unique needs” of a church.

“The finances of a church in both the short and long term are the work of a significantly large group of people,” Pastor Turman said. “Generally speaking, church members view the collective finances of a church as needing to be more conservative and cautious than a business owner. Independent Bank understands this well and guided us through many discussions involving many decision makers to help us plot our course.”

Pastor Turman said there is a direct connection between faith and how finances are handled personally and as a congregation. He said it’s vital for every pastor to develop a strong mind for finances and that his congregation’s philosophy about finances is biblically based.

“Our goal personally and corporately is to steward all the resources that God places in our trust in a way that maximizes their effectiveness for Godly purposes,” Pastor Turman said. “God places resources in our hands as great opportunities of eternal usefulness.”

Describing his financial mind as “average at best but improving,” Pastor Turman said Independent Bank has been a great help to him and his staff in learning more about finances. He said the leaders and staff at Independent Bank have given the church staff great assistance in understanding the unique nature of church ministry financing and how best to combine the wise application of faith and a conservative strategy to the church’s ministry.

Pastor Turman believes his relationship with Greg Steglich and Independent Bank will continue to deepen.

“Our vision is to expand our expressions of God’s love and message in McKinney and beyond,” Pastor Turman said. “We are confident that Greg and the Independent Bank team will be standing with us as we pursue the work God has for us.”

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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