It Starts With a Handshake

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

When Independent Bank formed, it started with a handshake. Today, every relationship with Independent Bank still begins with a handshake.

HandshakeA handshake represents integrity and staying true to one’s values. Independent Bank is a growing bank, but it will always stay true to the values outlined in its mission statement. More than that, it lives by them.

Independent Bank is a bank of Personal Service. A bank of Modern Convenience. And a bank of Community Involvement.

As the bank grows it will continue to offer customers the latest technology such as Mobile Bill Pay capabilities and smart phone apps, but relationships with customers will always start with a handshake. If customers want a name and a face to talk to about the technologies the bank offers, they’ll get what they’re looking for.

At its core, Independent Bank’s strength lies in its employees and the relationships they form with customers. Each employee recognizes these relationships are the strength of the bank and they take ownership in the fact that this is the “Independent Bank Way.” Customers have direct access to officers and personnel and can expect timely decisions. In turn, employees are energized by relationships that can’t be quantified.

Going further, employees take ownership in Independent Bank’s pledge to be involved in the community by donating their time and energy in and outside of working at the bank.

Every relationship is only as good as what is put into it. With this in mind, Independent Bank’s customers are its biggest asset and it takes pride in investing in them. It starts with a handshake, continues with hard work and lasts with a commitment to you.

To foster these relationships, creating an environment where employees and customers feel appreciated on a daily basis will remain an essential part of how Independent Bank operates.

It starts with a handshake. It starts with Independent Bank.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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