Building Strong Relationships Based on a Two-Way Street

By Matt Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator

For certain professions, quality isn’t negotiable. When it comes to providing neighborhood lighting, visible stop signs and sturdy mailboxes, quality is required. Brandon Industries stresses importance of maintaining a system of quality at all levels. With each and every light or sign it produces, each employee it hires and each partner it does business with, quality is a priority.

BrandonIndustries_Ad_March2014When Brandon Industries sought a bank that would provide them with a quality hassle-free business relationship it turned to Independent Bank. Both organizations subscribe to the philosopher Aristotle’s belief that quality is not an act, but a habit. This mutual philosophy helped Brandon Hall, President of Brandon Industries, forge a lasting relationship with Independent Bank’s Robert Camp.

“Having full confidence in Robert and the Independent Bank team gives us peace of mind,” Brandon said.

Independent Bank helped Brandon to expand his business and keep moving forward. He said experience with other banks was not always so easy and that inefficient practices tended to “bog down” his business.

Robert was able to answer all the questions Brandon asked, and even some of the questions he didn’t ask. Years of experience allowed Robert to make the lending process as easy and pain-free as possible. However, the relationship doesn’t end after Brandon conducts a transaction with Independent Bank. Robert makes himself available to Brandon and serves as a trusted resource in discussing ways to move his business forward.

Brandon said his experience with Robert is similar to all the dealings he’s had with everyone at Independent Bank. He appreciates that everyone is personable, but also that they’re hard workers who produce results whenever he’s ready to get down to business.

“Independent Bank has an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff with a small town bank feel,” Brandon said. “Independent Bank, however, has big bank capabilities giving their customers the best of both worlds.”

Quality may be a habit, but it also takes many forms. Independent Bank is committed to providing quality to Brandon Industries and to all its clients. With a commitment to doing it right the first time and expecting the highest standard of ethics and integrity, quality will remain at the forefront of the bank’s priorities.

Independent Bank. A Partnership You Can Bank On.MemberFDIC_EqualHousingLender_2011

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