Our Journey with McKinney Christian Academy

Settlers came to Collin County, TX in 1841 bringing little more than their pioneer spirit; and hope for 640 acres of land, a gun and help building a cabin. Their struggles defined an era, and marked the onset of remarkable advances in agriculture, industry, commerce and family life.

MCA_logoOver a century later, as North Texas communities developed deeper roots, a group of devoted Christian parents worked tirelessly to establish a school anchored by strong Biblical integration and a rigorous academic curriculum. With Independent Bank as their primary financial partner, McKinney Christian Academy opened in 1992 with an inaugural class of thirteen students. Its founding was in large part due to the dedication of Dr. Michael and A’Lisa Adams and Mrs. Diane Lopez.

Over the next 22 years McKinney Christian Academy was able to add one grade-level each year, culminating in the first graduating class of three seniors in 2003. The entire time, Independent Bank has been by their side. If a project required financial expertise, projections, support or funding, Independent Bank lent their expertise.

Today our relationship couldn’t be stronger.

Bond with Your Bank – For Good Reason

There are practical benefits to building and maintaining a familiarity with your bank. Growing together with your personal banker can help in the following areas:

  • Because a bank is already familiar with your financial situation it takes less time get things done, particularly when borrowing. Starting from “scratch” takes time and resources.
  • Your banker will be on the lookout for new opportunities that fit your financial track, and size. This will become valuable when your business contemplates any future moves.

Independent Bank was there in 1992 to help McKinney Christian Academy acquire space on Graves Street and renovate it for the school’s use. Independent Bank also assisted McKinney Christian Academy with the purchase the 63 acres of beautiful tree-lined property in 2001 which comprises their current campus. Enrollment at McKinney Christian Academy is approaching 575 students, thanks to the careful stewardship of administrators, parents and community boosters. The personal bankers at Independent Bank have been able to help McKinney Christian Academy design and implement capital improvement projects and manage cash flow.

MCA_FlashBanner_770x329Independent Bank has also extended its reach in communities across Texas. We continue to invest in technology and most importantly our people. We offer a diverse set of financial products and services designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and families better manage their finances. All the while, Independent Bank remains wholeheartedly committed to keeping decisions local and providing a level of personal service above and beyond expectations.

“Even with their continued growth, the professional and timely response of account officers at Independent Bank continues to be impressive”
~ Carol Ownby, Director of Development at MCA

Our Mission Continues

McKinney Texas experienced its first economic boom after the opening of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad in 1872. Modern McKinney is on a similar fast track. It’s no surprise that McKinney Christian Academy has been busy expanding their programs and facilities this summer. Independent Bank has been proud to provide financial solutions that support their mission. Students for the 2014-2015 school year may look forward to a new softball field, new classrooms, new curriculum, new signs, new awnings, new technology and additional faculty.

McKinney Christian Academy started with nothing more than fifteen donated boxes of books and an abundance of pioneering spirit. Today their library boasts over 10,000 volumes and the school offers a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum along with music, athletics, foreign language and art. Together we continue to grow and prosper, grounded in Texas values and serving with a higher purpose.

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