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Our Journey with McKinney Christian Academy

Settlers came to Collin County, TX in 1841 bringing little more than their pioneer spirit; and hope for 640 acres of land, a gun and help building a cabin. Their struggles defined an era, and marked the onset of remarkable … Continue reading

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What Can Independent Bank Do For You?

One of the biggest complaints consumers have about the current state of the banking industry is the lack of personalized service that national banks offer.  Many customers have begun to feel as if they are nothing more than a number … Continue reading

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You’re More Than Just an Account Number

Have you ever had to make a phone call to your bank?  If you have, and you bank with one of the big banks, you know that a simple phone call can take a significant amount of your time.  The … Continue reading

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What Has Your Bank Done for You?

Choosing a bank for your personal banking should be a relatively easy process, but in truth, that process gets more difficult with each passing day.  Stories of banks at risk of failing, bank mergers making it difficult to know what … Continue reading

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Advantages to Being Part of a Community Bank

With a wide variety of banking options available, combined with the recent banking crisis, many consumers are trying to determine if using a community bank is the best option for them or if they should bank with a large national … Continue reading

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